Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and let's talk about art!

Welcome to the world of Sue Pyper, on the web. It is considerably neater and tidier than my actual studio, where I create Fine Art, Music and a bit of a mess on a daily basis. Out of my creative chaos emerges my expression and connection to this place I call home.

My life as a visual artist is ever-evolving, but in this moment, I am working in watercolour on paper, pen and ink, and pointillism - the very time-consuming art of making images using a ridiculous number of tiny dots.

I love to work with a variety of surfaces … paper, wood panels, and live-edge wood to create art that is both life-like and whimsical. I pay close attention to the minute details, especially when working with my animal images. It's all about capturing the personality, the story and of course, the eyes!

Inspired by the place I live -  Vancouver Island - and the things I love - the natural world and furry or feathered creatures - it is a joy to share my world through my art.

Come in, let me show you around …