The Stories Behind The Art

People often ask me why I painted a particular subject matter, or how I chose the medium or surface. Particularly when working with live edge wood (which is one of my favourite things to do), the wood grain, colour and shape tell me what it wants to are just a few stories behind the art!

Tidal Pool

A wonderful friend who is a woodturner showed me this piece of wood - a

spalted maple with the most wonderful pattern. I just had to have it! The depth of the colour and intricate natural spalting meant I just had to enhance this lovely piece of wood. It was one of those "magical pieces" that just took on a life of its own.

The colours and pattern are just mesmerizing...these kind of pieces only come along once in a blue moon!



This was an amazing piece of spalted Maple, it had wonderful sloping edges and a darker centre.

It's funny how you go through phases with things. Pepples and rocks have always been my meditation, with this piece I added coloured dots of blue and white with silver beads giving it the glistening look of bubbles. This was another one of those pieces that found it's forever home within days of being in the gallery.

The joy I get from working with a piece of wood like this is Indescribable!

"If I were a river"

My wood guy found me this beautiful piece of ribboned Maple. The flow of the rings on the wood looked like ripples on the edge of a river or stream. I am facinated by pebbles (which is why I love Zen Gardens and water features so much) and so it just HAD to be this. I added copper beads into the stones along with abalone, and silver beads glint off the surface of the water making it come to life! This one sold almost as soon as it was in the gallery, and I have to admit that although I was happy it had a wonderful new home, was also kind of sad to see it go!

"Looking For Goldilocks"

This title still makes me smile. I recieved another beautiful piece of live edge spalted maple, that had bark running down both just needed something peeking out from between them. Hence my bear emerged!

I call these my "things that scare me series". Coming from the UK we don't have bears and cougars wandering around, so you can imagine that it has been hard getting used to. They both scare me (well they can kill you if they are in the mood) but I also feel an afinity with them at the same time.

The name came from my my facebook page, I asked my followers if they could name my painting. I had over 28 excellent ideas, but this one made me smile, so "looking for goldilocks" was born!