One Tree Exhibit

I am super thrilled to have been selected to take part in the "One Tree Exhibit" at the Robert Bateman Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.

For the show, over 80 selected artists choose wood from one tree, to create art, furniture, instruments and pretty much anything else that you can create out of wood. Having been excited to have been chosen to be part of the show, I decided to "go big or go home!"

The piece of wood I selected was absolutely stunning, but it was probably 5 times larger than I had ever worked with before. but I did have two criteria. I had to be able to get it into my car (my amazing Honda Fit) and at 7.5 feet it just fit in with inches to spare. The other criteria, was I had to be able to carry it into my studio on my own!

It has been an incredible experience for me working so large, although with such a time consuming technique (pointillism which is lots and lots of dots) it has taken many hundreds of hours.

I am excited to be in such a prestigious gallery, surrounded by such phenomenal artists and craftspeople. It really is going to be a spectacular show.

If you are in Victoria, the show runs from November 16th 2019 to February 29th 2020. At the Bateman Foundation Gallery, Victoria BC  



copyright Sue Pyper